Thursday, January 29, 2009

Illustrated Cool


Global Awareness

Yes, we can

finding our common



Liberation theology


Taking Action

Laughter Self-Deprecating humor Sarcasm Obscure pop culture references


Success INTELLIGENCE Being well read new ideas perspective Open-mindedness


  1. Yay, McVey! You never fail to wow me with your brilliance. This post is no exception. I like how your cool-collage works from a global level to a more individual level. I'm going to assume that was part of your grand scheme rather than a coincidence--it makes both of us look more intelligent that way...not that you need any help, of course! And no, that wasn't sarcastic. I'm always scared that positive comments coming from me just look like snide remarks.

  2. To Julie: I love the way you grouped specific words with each picture. It really makes an impression that way.

    To Lucy: Don't worry about your comments. I think yours are some of my favorite to read. You always have something original to say.

  3. I am personaly in love with the last photo. I honestly feel that way some times. I love surounding myslef with all the things I find interesting in reading that I have built my self a book world. That is pretty cool to become wraped up in what you read. It is classical cool!

  4. One that caught my eye in particular - "obscure pop culture references." That has almost become it's own genre, hasn't it? Look at Family Guy, Futurama, Harvey Birdman.... well, after that list, it seems more like a animation phenomenon, but it's really not. It's become *very* cool to have shows that are obscure and even arcane in their humor (Frasier comes to mind). Why do you think encyclopedic knowledge of random and often irrelevant trivia has become so cool?

  5. Whit: I really can't put my finger on what makes arcane references so cool. It's almost as if that kind of knowledge makes up a separate language to which only a certain number of people have access. Personally, I feel an instant connection with people when I throw out an obscure movie quote and they know the reply. In a way, it reminds me of the passwords we used to have when we were kids with secret clubhouses and lairs in the backyard. Maybe it is the exclusiveness of arcane knowledge that makes it so cool. That is definitely up for debate, though. I'd like to know what other people think of this pop culture phenomenon.